Saturday, November 12, 2016


Volk's team wins the food drive!  A big THANKS to those that donated items for the food drive.  Mrs. Volk's team had a total of 615 pounds.  The K-5 goal was 1,000 pounds and we beat that by 468.  

The first graders learned about measurement in math this week.  They used cubes to measure a variety of items around the classroom.  

The first graders identified objects in the classroom that were shorter and longer than their math journals.  

I'm going to add the list of vocabulary words each week.  If you can, try to fit these words in your conversations during the week.  :)

On Friday, we had our 3rd Watch D.O.G. of the year.  Isabella's dad was busy helping out with a variety of activities.  

The students learned about writing topic sentences.  They worked together to come up with a topic sentence for a pet.  

They had to write descriptive sentences to describe their pet.  
  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Fluency bags will be given out on Monday and need to be returned on Friday.  
  • Monday C - Library/Technology, Tuesday A - Art/Music, Wednesday B - P.E., Thursday C - Library/Technology

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