Sunday, November 20, 2016

The first graders loved learning about some of the animals and plants that live in the sea.  Our text last week had a lot of cool facts and photographs.  Please ask your child which one was their favorite and why.    

Our target reading skill last week was author's purpose.  The students learned about why authors write.  Is it to inform or entertain?  Please ask your child what the author's purpose was for our story, At Home in the Ocean.  

We did some more measuring in math last week.  When we measure, we make sure there aren't any gaps or overlapping.    

Our vocabulary words are listed above.  The first graders will be learning about these words on Monday and Tuesday.  I told the class that I will be sharing the words with their parents, so if you can, try to use some of these words at home.  :)  

  • There will not be any spelling words this week.
  • There will not be any math homework this week.
  • Your child will only get passages in their fluency bags this week.  Please have your child read the passage every night for 1 minute and record their words and sign the sheet.  These will be due on Monday.
  • The first graders will be having a popcorn feast on Tuesday.  Please have your child bring in a baggie of popcorn to eat while they read.  

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