Sunday, September 11, 2016


School pictures are Monday.  If you would like to order pictures, please send the order form with your child or submit your order online.  

The students used whiteboards to answer questions in math last week.  You can see the steps listed above that they will follow when answering questions.  They did a great job for the first time!

The first graders played Bunny Hop in math.  They rolled a dice to see how many hops they took.  They hopped to 20 and then back to 0.  The player to reach the bunny hole first was the winner.  

We learned about tally marks.  This is something that can easily be practiced at home.  You can give your child a number and have them write down the tally marks for it.  You may need to pick a number less than 20 to begin with, but then see how high they can go.  

The class started the iReady diagnostic test for math last week. They will take the iReady diagnostic test for reading this week.  You will get the parent report on Friday. 

I've been reading this book to the class during snack/milk time.  Please ask your child what the book is about.  Have them share their thoughts about Humphrey and ask them who Aldo is.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

  • Spelling test is on Friday.
  • Butter braid orders are due on Monday, September 12th.
  • The math homework is due on Monday.  
  • Click on the link to order books from Scholastic.  Our class code is GT9RT.  Scholastic Book Clubs
  • Daisy Girl Scout Troop 7146 (Kindergarten & 1st Grade) has several spots open for new members.   Your child may join Girl Scouts by filling out information at:  Please also contact Kyla at for information regarding meetings.    Hope to see you all this year!  -- Kyla Carney & Larissa Mennen-- Troop 7146 Leaders.

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