Saturday, August 27, 2016

The first week of first grade we did some reviewing of the letters and sounds.  We also read Jack's Talent and talked about what we are good at.  The students went around the classroom and introduced themselves and shared what they liked to do.  

Miss Saylor came into our classroom on Wednesday to read.  One of the books was called First Grade Stinks!  Ask your child about the book and how the character's feelings changed from the beginning of the story to the end.

The first graders did a listen and draw activity on Friday.  It was fun to see what their pictures looked like at the end.  We have some very talented artists in our class!

We had our first assembly of the year on Friday.  We talked about our Bulldog Beliefs and did some fun activities.  Please ask your child about the balloons and toilet paper.  :)  We talked a lot about how to be responsible, respectful, and safe in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, playground, restroom, and at assemblies this week.  

Aundrea and Digger stopped by the gym on Friday.  Digger is training to be a service dog.  You may see him in the hallway with Aundrea.

  • Spelling test will be on Friday.  There will always be a pink sheet with the words sent home on Monday.  This sheet does not need to be returned to school.  This is the home copy.  The words are also in the blog if you loose the paper copy.
  • Your child will not have math homework this week.  I will let you know what nights there will be math homework.  It should not take very long to complete.  This is a great way for parents to see what skill we worked on in class that day.  There will be a parent letter coming home with your child on Monday.  This will tell you what the students will be learning in Unit 1.  The answers to the homework are also included.
  • Please email me with questions or concerns.  
  • Have a great weekend!



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