Saturday, January 16, 2016


Meet Barb and Finn!  They have traveled many miles to help the first graders learn about penguins.  The students have learned a ton of facts about penguins this week.  They will be writing a nonfiction book about the Emperor, Gentoo, King, or Little Blue penguin.  They picked which penguin they wanted to write about on Friday.  Here is the link to the Penguin Cam from the Kansas City Zoo.  The students have been marine biologist this week and have been observing the penguins' behaviors.  

Miss Saylor came into our classroom for 4 days to read and teach them about nonfiction text features and how they can help you understand a text. 

Miss Saylor made us posters of some of the vocabulary words and photos that were in the book she read.  Please ask your child what these words mean.  

Mrs. Lamoureux's class invited us to their classroom to present their PBL.  They taught us about the seasons of the Eastern Region of the United States.  They did a great job!

  • There will not be any spelling words this week.
  • There will be math homework on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Reading homework will be given out on Tuesday and will be due on Friday.
  • February 5th is the deadline to order a yearbook.  Order forms were sent home last week.  
  • The 100th day of school is Wednesday, January 27th.  We will be celebrating by doing activities that have the 100 theme.  We will also be making a snack, so I will send out an email about donations.  
  • The first graders will be wrapping up their penguin PBL this week. 
  • Our class will be taking the aReading test on Tuesday morning and the first graders will be given the FAST test next week.   

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