Sunday, January 10, 2016

During enrichment time last week, the first graders learned about folk tales from China.  We read the books Lon Po Po and Little Red Riding Hood.  The students discussed a lesson that they learned from each book.  We also talked about the similarities and differences between the 2 books.  The first graders had fun writing some of the Chinese characters.  Click on the link below to see how to write some words in Chinese.  Basic Chinese Characters  

  • Reading homework is due on Friday.
  • There will not be any spelling words this week.
  • The first graders will be starting another PBL on Monday.  There will be more information about it later this week.
  • There will be math homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  
  • The students learned about command sentences.  Commands end with a period or an exclamation mark.  The kids had a lot of fun playing Simon Says in class.  Have your child give you a command.  
  • The first graders completed the iReady math test last week.  They can do lessons at home.  Their username is firstname.lastname and the password is ready123.  They will be completing the reading test this week.  iReady

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