Sunday, November 22, 2015

The first graders will be having a popcorn feast on Tuesday.  All of the first graders will read with each other and eat some popcorn.  Please send a sandwich size baggie of popcorn with your child on Tuesday.  We will have the feast in the morning.  

The first graders worked on their safety skits this week.  They had so much fun!  We will be sharing the skits with the kindergartners next week.  I will send the link to parents next week.  The goal was to share a safety tip that the kindergartners can use.  

The first graders had a busy week in math.  They learned a new game called Fishing for 10.  They used number cards 0-10 to make combinations of 10.  It is played just like Go Fish.  If you have a deck of cards, your child could play this at home.  Ask your child to name some combinations of 10.

Another skill the students worked on in math was 10 more and 10 less.    

The kids worked on finding the sum of 3 numbers.  They have to decide which numbers they want to add first.  They looked for combinations of 10 or doubles.    

In writing this week, the class wrote descriptive sentences about animals and shared it with the class.  The example above is from one of our teams.  They did a great job using adjectives to describe the size, color, and number.  
  • There will not be any spelling words, reading or math homework this week.
  • Unit 4 math test will be on Tuesday.  We will be reviewing for the test on Monday.  
  • The December snack calendar was sent home on Friday.  
  • Thanks to all of those that donated items for the food pantry, Goodwill and the money towards the Penny War.

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