Sunday, October 18, 2015

The first graders learned how to research a topic using books, MyOn and Pebble Go. They have picked a safety topic, so on Monday they will start researching on their topic independently.  I can't wait to read their informational texts on safety.    

We learned facts about Christopher Columbus, Fall and pumpkins.  They took notes on notecards and then wrote complete sentences on a fact sheet.  I was very proud of how hard they worked.  They did a lot of writing!

The first graders did a length activity in math this week.  They had to work together to compare lengths of different objects.  There will be math homework Monday -Thursday this week.   

The first graders have been learning about paying attention at school in Guidance.  They use the word PAL to help them remember how to pay attention.  P-pay attention, A-always work hard, L-listen carefully.  This can also be used at home.  :)  There is a song that Mrs. Skahill sings with the students.  Please click on the video below to hear some of the song.  Warning:  It will get stuck in your head!!!

  • The spelling test will be on Friday
  • Picture retakes are Wednesday, October 21st.
  • Lesson 6 vocabulary words are:  clang, fault, figure, jumbled, plenty and tossed.
  • The Halloween party will be Friday, October 30th from 12:30-1:20.

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