Saturday, September 19, 2015

Molly stopped by to talk about butterflies on Tuesday.  She shared all kinds of fun facts and answered a lot of questions.  It was so much fun to watch the butterflies start their journey to Mexico.  :)

Check out the video of the releasing of the butterflies.  

The first graders have been working on labeling and writing captions for their pictures.  

Last week, the students worked on sums of 10.  One of the activities that they did was play Penny Plate.  This game is a great way to teach the sums of 10.  All you need is a plate and 10 pennies.  Ask your child to play with you at home.  Can you guess how many pennies are under the plate?

Another fun math game the first graders played was 10 Frame Top-It.  It works just like the card game War.  Can you tell which card is the winner?

Homecoming week starts on Monday.  Please check out the dress up days.  Please no face or hair paint. 

  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • There will be math homework Monday-Thursday.
  • Our Library day is on Tuesday.

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