Sunday, September 6, 2015

Math Madness in 1st Grade

The class has been working on making tallies in math.  This is a picture of our completed graph.   

Another way that the class practiced tally marks was by playing rock/paper/scissors with a partner.  The winner would put a tally mark under the appropriate picture.  They played 20 rounds and then counted up to see which one had the most tallies.  

On Thursday I read the book, A Day with No Math.  It was a great story to share with the class about how important math is in our everyday life.  Please have your child share with you some ways math is important.

The first graders learned another new game in math this week.  It is called Top-It.  All you need are number cards and a partner.  Each partner draws a card and whomever has the greater number gets to keep the cards.  This would be fun practice to play at home with a deck of cards.  The first graders have been learning about what greater than and less than mean.  Please try to use those terms when playing.    

  • There will not be any spelling words this week.  
  • School pictures are September 14th.
  • Scholastic book orders are due on September 8th.
  • The first graders will be finishing up unit 1 in math on Wednesday.  We will review on Thursday and take the test on Friday.  There will only be math homework on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Butter Braid order forms and money are due back to me by Friday, September 11th.  Please write checks out to VMPAB.  This fundraising project is to raise money for our performance arts department.  

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