Saturday, September 26, 2015


The first graders worked on action verbs this week.  This is a poem that they added to their binder.  Talk with your child about some verbs you do at work.

This is a picture of the reading center checklist.  The students have 3 centers they go to every morning.  The centers are all connected with what the reading skill and strategy and spelling words for the week are.  

The class learned about the sequence of events in reading this week.  Their anchor text was Curious George Goes to School.  Please have your child share some of the things that the little monkey did.  The first graders also read an informational text on School Long Ago.  The were able to compare how schools are now to how they were long ago.  Talk to your child about the similarities and differences between your school and now.  

The first graders got to use the calculator this week in math.  They learned how to turn it on, clear it and enter numbers in.  They all agreed that it was a very fun math tool.  

  • The spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Your child will be bringing home the October snack calendar on Monday.  The list of safe snacks is stapled to it.  
  • Your child will also be bringing home book orders on Monday.  The due date is October 5th. 
  • There will be math homework Monday-Thursday.   

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