Friday, May 15, 2015

The class did a great job participating on Tuesday for the Puppy Dog Relays.  Thanks to those that helped and watched.  

The students were very excited to move their desks on Friday.  On Monday they will be going to the zoo and getting a lollipop.  I will be providing the lollipop.

Each week our class has the opportunity to win a Leader of the Pack trophy in P.E.  They need to be respectful, responsible and safe by earning a 9 or higher.  Our class earned 10 of these trophies.  Great job!

The first graders have been working on their informative safety books and safety skits for the last couple of weeks.  They shared all of their hard work with the kindergartners Friday morning.  The kids did a great job writing and acting.  Please ask your child what safety topic they picked and some tips that they learned.

  • The Blank Park Zoo field trip is on Monday.  The students will leave at 9:00 and arrive at the zoo by 9:30.  If you are going with us you can follow the bus or meet us there.   Please have your child dress appropriately and wear blue.  If you want your child to ride the train or feed the animals, please send money with them on Monday.  

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