Thursday, April 30, 2015

The first graders started their PBL on Safety this week.  They will be researching safety topics and writing an informative book on the topic of their choice.

Eileen Brown, one of our Van Meter bus drivers talked with the first grade classes on how to be safe on a bus.  Thanks Eileen for giving us some great safety tips! 

On Monday, the first graders visited the Waukee Police Department.  They had a lot of fun touring the police station and talking with some of the officers.  

The Waukee Fire Station was another stop for our students on Monday.  They had a blast walking through the fire trucks and learning about fire safety.  Thanks to Josie's mom for volunteering to go with us!

  • Lesson 30 spelling test will be on Friday.  This will be the last spelling test.
  • Reading homework is due on Friday.
  • There will be math homework on Monday.  This will be the last math homework.
  • The first graders will have the Unit 10 math test on Thursday.  
  • The FAST assessment will be given to the first graders on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They will be taking the aReading test on Thursday.  
  • Puppy Dog Relays are scheduled for Tuesday, May 12th.
  • The Blank Park Zoo field trip is Thursday, May 14th.  I've had a few parents volunteer, but more are needed.  
  • The May snack calendars were sent home along with the May reading calendars.  If your child reads 15 days in the month of May, they will receive something out of the prize box.  

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