Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seeing Stars

The elementary students had StarLab last week. This is what the outside looks like.  They had fun looking at the different constellations.  

Our class had a 30 minute session with Chris Adkins and Mrs. Byrnes on Thursday.  

The first graders read stories about stars and space on MyOn and wrote their own star and space stories during writing time.  Hopefully, your child shared their story with you.  They are doing a great job with their writing!  

We finished up our geometry unit and will be taking the test on Monday.  The class had fun making polygons out of paper.  Please ask your child what a polygon is.  

The Electronic day was a hit!  The students enjoyed their screen time on Thursday.  

  • Spring picture forms were sent home with your child on Friday.  The pictures will be taken on Thursday, February 26th.  
  • Unit 6 math test will be taken on Monday.  There will not be any math homework on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Reading homework is due on Friday.
  • Related Arts Schedule for this week:  Monday-Music, Tuesday-Art, Wednesday-Library, and Thursday-Music.
  • So far our class has raised $59.43 for Pennies for Patients.  Our class decided that $100 would be a good goal.  The NHS kids will be collecting money until Friday, February 27th.  Great job first graders!
  • Jump Rope for Heart donations are due on Monday, February 23rd.  
  • The first graders will be testing over Unit 5 in reading this week.  I will also be benchmarking them.  The students will also be learning about Famous African Americans in literacy.  As of right now, we do not have any spelling words because we are not doing a lesson, but the first grade teachers may decide to create a list to continue with the spelling list routine.  I will keep you posted.
  • Music program is Thursday, March 12th.  Our check-in time is at 6:00 and we will perform at 6:15.  The first graders need to wear blue jeans and a nice shirt and bring a flashlight.


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