Sunday, October 26, 2014

Can You Infer?

What is inferring?  Readers figure out what the author is saying even though it might not be written in the text.  Using their background knowledge, clues from the text, captions, and illustrations, the reader makes meaning of the story.  Students can detectives by looking for evidence or clues in the story to figure out the meaning.  We have read a variety of books to help with making inferences.  The class will continue to work on this strategy this week.   

Can you infer where I am and what I am doing?

I see bubbles rising.  I hear my own breathing.  There are fish swimming above me.  I feel the seaweed swaying.

Have your child write down their inference and bring it to school on Monday and they will get a ticket.  

The first graders used the calculators to count up and back.  We also worked on writing number models.  3 + 7 = 10  See if your child can program the calculator to count up by 1s and 2s.  The class will be finishing up with unit 3 this week.  There will be math homework this week.

New Related Arts Schedule
Day A  Music
Day B  Art
Day  C  Library

  • Reading homework is due on Friday.
  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Halloween party is on Thursday at 2:30.  Costumes are allowed, but please no face paint, make up or weapons.
  • Your child should have a book that they brought home to read this weekend.  This is a book that they read in their guided reading group and should be returned on Monday.  
  • This will be the last week we do informative writing and will do narrative writing next.  

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