Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good Fit Books

The first graders learned how to pick "Good Fit Books" this week.  We read the book Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians.  Goldie Socks helped the class see how to pick a book that is just right.  The students should have a purpose for reading a book, an interest, be able to comprehend it and know most of the words.  

The class worked a lot this week with tally marks.  We did a variety of activities to show how many tallies represent numbers.  

The first graders played Top It this week with a partner.  Each student draws a card and the student that has the greater number gets to keep both cards.  The winner is the student that has the most cards.  This is one of the games your child can play on .  If possible, please have your child practice logging on using their username and password information in their blue take home folder.

This year the teachers are passing out "Paws"itive notes to students that are being respectful, responsible and safe at school.  I'm very pleased with how our class is trying to earn this notes.  The white note will be sent home with your child, the yellow copy is put in our first grade fishbowl and the pink copy is put in our classroom bucket in our room.   There will be a celebration when we reach our goal of 75 pink notes.

We had our first elementary assembly on Friday.  We reviewed assembly expectations and how to behave at football games.  Mr. Jones drew a name from each of the fishbowls.  The first grade winner was Skye.  Congratulations and great job on being respectful, responsible and safe! 

  • Spelling Test will be on Friday.
  • Please have your child bring their take home folder to school each day.
  • Scholastic book orders were sent home.  Please have your orders in by September 4th.
  • We will finish Unit 1 in math this week.  
  • September snack calendars were sent home on Friday. Please let me know if your child did not get one.  
  • I hope you our enjoying your Labor Day weekend!


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