Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Week of First Grade!

We had a very busy first week of first grade.  We reviewed our PBIS expectations and will continue to work on them.  

The first graders learned 2 new math games this last week.  They played monster squeeze.  This game involves a mystery number.  They had a lot of fun!

They also played Bunny Hop.  The first person to hop to twenty and then back to zero was the winner.

I found out that my class is a HUGE fan of Just Dance videos.  We are going to try and do one each day after our math lesson.  These videos are a great way to give the students a brain break.

If you see this bag in your child's bag, then they will be responsible for snack the next day.  You can also check the snack calendar that was sent home on open house night or I do have it on the blog on the calendar link. 

  • Spelling will start this week.  You should see a pink list coming home with your child on Mondays.  I will also have the words on the blog under the spelling list.  The first graders will get the list on Monday and then the test will be on Friday. 
  • Our school start time for this year is 8:15 and the end time is 3:30.  
  • Math homework will start later this week.  You should have received the parent letter last week.  Please keep this copy somewhere you can refer back to if you need to.  Homework should not take very long.  It is a quick review of the lesson that we did that day.  
  • We will be doing the Daily 5 for reading.  One of the rotations is Read to Self.  We practiced this last week.
  • Your child should bring their take home folder each day to school and bring it back home each night.  
  • I will send you the dogg blogg link every week.  Please check it out.  There is a calendar and spelling link that will be very helpful.  The purpose of the blog is to give you a little idea of what we did that week and to inform you on any important details.
  • Please email me with any questions that you have.  

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