Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fun Filled Friday

If you happen to see your child bring this bag home, it means it is their snack day.  I know we have been without one for awhile.  I'm hoping we can keep track of this one.  :) 

In math this week, the class has been working on addition and subtraction facts.  They should have brought home fact triangle flashcards to practice with at home. 

The first graders learned facts about Abraham Lincoln this week during Enrichment time.  They read books and watched videos to gain knowledge on how he grew up and lived.  

The first graders had a lot of fun passing out their Valentine's Day cards to one another.  There were some very creative boxes.  A big THANKS to the moms that helped out with our party.  The kids had a lot of fun! 

Heart Painting

Cookie Decorating

Valentine's Day books and word searches

Picking up M & M's with a straw

  • Spelling test on Friday.
  • Thanks to those that donated items to our "Gardening" carnival basket.  If you would still like to donate, you can, just let me know.
  • Please continue to have your child read at home and fill out their calendar for February.  
  • Spelling City is now up and running.  

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