Friday, January 24, 2014

100th Day of School

Wednesday, January 22nd was our 100th day of school!  The first graders did a variety of activities throughout the day using the number 100.

This is how we started off our 100th day.  The students had a little "100" snack to get ready for the day's festivities.  

For the 100th day party, the students participated in 4 stations.  One of the stations was to create something using 100 pattern blocks.

Another station was to make their afternoon snack using 10 of 10 different items.  Thanks to all of the parents that donated food for the goodie bag.  

We aslo had a book station where they listened to the book, One Hundred Hungry Ants and then marched 100 steps in the hallway.  The class had a lot of fun at this one!

The 4th station, the kids made crowns and rolled dice to see how many rolls it took to get to 100.  

  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Junie B. field trip is on Thursday.  Your child will need to bring a disposable sack lunch. 
  • The first graders will be taking a math test over Unit 5 this next week.  There will not be any homework during that week.  There will be a note coming home to inform you about Unit 6, so please keep that in a spot where you can refer back to it.
  • January reading calendars are due on Monday, February 3rd.
  • Please be sure to check Infinite Campus every weekend for a weekly behavior update.  
  • A big THANKS to the parents that donated items for our 100th day party and to those that were able to help out with the party.  

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