Sunday, November 17, 2013

Expert Writers

This week the first graders started writing on topics that they are experts on.  They brainstormed 5 topics that they felt like they knew a lot about.  We've talked about using specific words and how pictures can help the reader learn about the facts that they are sharing.  

The students enjoyed sharing their informational books with each other.  

The class worked on putting pictures and words into categories this week.  We will continue to work on this skill next week too.  

Miss Goodwin came to our class on Thursday (Jueves).  The kids were super excited to have her back. She taught the class the months of the year and the days of the week in Spanish.
  We will be incorporating the spanish words into our day.  

The class made a line plot in math to show the number of siblings they have in their family.  The class took the unit 3 math test on Thursday and did a great job.  The first graders will be learning about measurement in unit 4.  

  • Unit 12 spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Spelling challenge money is due on Friday.  The class did a great job on the test!
  • Please continue to read with your child and fill out the November calendar.  
  • There will be an early dismissal at 1:30 on Wednesday, November 27th.  There will not be any school on Thursday and Friday of that week.  

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