Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Grade Heroes

The class enjoyed creating our "Say no to Drugs" themed door last week.  They got to pick a super hero costume and say "kapow" to drugs!  The K-5 classes will be judged on their door and the winner will get a prize.  I will keep you updated when we get the results.  

During enrichment time last week, the class discovered facts about Christopher Columbus.  The first graders watched videos, read books and did a variety of activities to learn about the man that discovered America.  

In math last week, the first graders created patterns using popsicle sticks.  They had a lot of fun exploring.  They were also introduced to odd and even numbers.   

  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Please send earbuds to school with your child when you can.  We do a variety of websites during the week and it is hard for the students to focus with all of the computer noises going on at once.  
  • Please be sure to send the appropriate clothing with your child for recess.  
  • Continue to check your child's folder each night for homework and notes.  
  • I hope everyone had a nice three day weekend!

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