Saturday, September 7, 2013

Check for Understanding

The first graders learned how to Read to Someone this week.  They did a great job building their stamina for this station.  So far the students have practiced 3 out of the 5 stations.  We will be working on Word Work next.   

The class learned how to check for understanding.  This is a comprehension strategy that the students use to see if they know the details from the book they are reading.  Each student has a "check" in their book box, so they can see if they know who, what happened, and when it happened in the book.  This is a great strategy that you can use with them at home too.  

Our class is working on filling out a 120's board.  Whenever I see great behavior from the whole class, I draw a number and color it in on the board.  When they get 10 numbers going across or 12 numbers going down filled in, then we can have a celebration.  The students are working very hard to get the numbers filled in.  They've done a great job so far being responsible, respectful and safe.  

  • Butter Braid orders are due on September 9th.
  • Spelling List 4 test will be on Friday.
  • Level words will be tested on Mondays.  Please have your child practice these at home.  
  • We will be starting our 2nd unit in math.  Your child brought home a parent note that needs to be kept at home.  This note will explain what they will be learning in unit 2.  There was also homework attached that is due on Tuesday.  Please help them complete it because we will be using it for our lesson that day.  

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