Friday, August 16, 2013

Our First Week Of First Grade

It's hard to believe our first week of first grade is over.  The students were definitely busy these last three days learning about what it's like to be in first grade. 

The first graders have enjoyed hearing books about school this week.  These are just 2 of the books that we read.  Please ask your child if they think first grade stinks?  

The class worked on counting this week in math.  They were also introduced to some of their tools in their tool kits.  They created shape patterns using their pattern shape template. They enjoyed playing "Monster Squeeze" and the "Penny Dice Game."  

If you see this blue bag is your child's backpack, it means tomorrow is their snack day.  You should have received the reading/snack calendar at open house, so that you know ahead of time when they are responsible for snack.  I have also put it on our classroom's google calendar.  You will find the calendar on the right side of this blog.  

  • We will start spelling on Monday.  Please look for a spelling list in your child's folder next week and you can also find it on the spelling link on the blog.  
  • The Who Am I activity is due on Monday, so please help your child complete this assignment.  
  • I've added first day pictures to the picture gallery link on the right.  Please check them out.  

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