Friday, March 29, 2013

We are seeing stars!

  • Mrs. Thompson came into our classroom on Wednesday to share a book and a song about the drinking gourd.  The students had a lot of fun and enjoyed learning some facts about the drinking gourd.  

    The students watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie on Friday.  We read the book and thought it would be a good idea to compare the book with the movie.  We found out there are a lot of differences.  The movie was also part of a reward that they earned for good behavior.  

    The 2nd graders finished writing their opinion pieces on the best chips.  We decided to bring in some chips to eat while they watched the movie.  Thanks to everyone that brought chips in and shared.  Cheesy Doritos were definitely the most popular.  The students typed their opinion pieces on their google drive, so feel free to check them out.  

    The 2nd graders had the opportunity to go to the Star Lab on Thursday.  It is set up on the stage of the Activity Center.  They learned about the constellations.  They had a great time trying to find the North Star and a variety of others.  Mrs. Thompson did a wonderful job presenting to our class.   

    We read a story called the Mammoth Musicians on Friday.  It was a very interesting story about how elephant in Thailand can paint and play music.  Check out the link to see some of their artwork.

  • Spelling homework is due on Monday. (4/1)
  • Reading homework is due on Friday.  (4/5)
  • Iowa Assessments will be given on April 1st through the 3rd.  Each student will need at least two number 2 pencils.  
  • The Civic Center field trip is Thursday, April 4th.  We will leave the school at 11:30 and return a little after 2:00.  
  • The next spelling test will be April 8th.
  • Happy Easter!

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