Sunday, February 24, 2013

How do you measure up?

The last couple of weeks the 2nd graders have been learning about measurement.  This week the 2nd graders measured items around the classroom using a tape measure.  They have measured items using inches and centimeters.  The 2nd graders measured each other to see how tall they were.  We compared the heights of students to determine what the differences were.  They also estimated my height.

The 2nd graders were introduced to Google Drive this week in Library/Technology.  Each student has a user name and password that they use to sign into their account.  The students used a google doc to type their opinion papers.  The students wrote opinion pieces on what animal they thought would make the best pet.   

Both 2nd grades classes skyped with a 2nd grade classroom in Athens, Georgia.  We read the book, Same, Same, but Different.  We are hoping to do a lot more collaborating with this class throughout the year.  The kids enjoyed asking them questions about their town and school.  

  • The next spelling test is Monday, February 25th.
  • Spelling homework is due February 27th.
  • Reading homework is due March 1st
  • The elementary carnival is March 2nd at 5:30.
  • On March 1st students can wear hats to celebrate Read Across America Day.
  • I've added the U.S. monument pictures to our photo gallery.  The kids did a great job creating them!

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