Monday, September 3, 2012

Second grade is a busy place!

The students were busy building their stamina during Read to Self, Work on Writing and Read to Someone.  The students really enjoy reading together.  While they are reading with one another, they are working on Check for Understanding.  Look below to see how much fun they had reading together!  Please ask your child what it means to sit EEKK and how they pick their partner for Read to Someone.



The student worked on Cross Checking while reading.  Please watch the video to see what the strategy is all about.  

Our class along with the rest of the K-5 students read the book, How Full is Your Bucket?  It is a very positive book and a great way to feel good about yourself and others.  Our class has done an excellent job on filling one another's buckets so far.  At the end of the day, we read the notes in our bucket and the students get to take theirs home.  Please ask your child ways on how they can fill buckets.  

One of our mini lessons for spelling last week was to create a list of ch, th, wh, and sh words.  The students worked in teams to add words to each one.  They worked together very well and had fun doing it.  They really enjoyed coming up with names that had those digraphs in them. 

  • Please check out the calendar for homework and spelling tests.  There will not be any reading homework this week.  
  • August reading calendars are due on September 5th.  The students that bring in their calendar will be able to eat lunch in the classroom.  The students that reach the 350 minute goal will be able to participate in the party on September 6th.  
  • Entertainment books need to be returned by September 7th.
  • Scholastic book orders are due by September 7th.  If you order online, our class will receive a coupon for a free book.
  • Flag football forms are due on September 14th.  
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!  

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