Monday, August 20, 2012

First Week of School

The 2nd graders had a great 3 days last week.  This week we will be starting our classroom routine.  They had a wonderful Monday.  They are working hard on the Bulldog Beliefs in the classroom and around the school.  In reading we learned about the 3 ways to read a book and started to build our stamina for Read to Self.  Check out the pictures below to see how much fun they had building their stamina during Read to Self.

The 2nd graders had their first spelling pretest.  The first test will be next week.  Please check back to see what day that will be.  I will post the words on the right of the blog under Spelling.  There will not be a list that is sent home, so you must look online to get the spelling words to study.  

We started talking about Ideas today.  We read the book How I Spent My Summer Vacation.  The students will be taking something that they did over vacation and using their imagination to create a new story.  Please ask them what the book was about.  

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