Saturday, August 25, 2012

Busy in 2nd Grade

We survived our first full week of 2nd grade and it was a great one!  The students have been working hard to build their stamina for Read to Self and Work on Writing.  These are 2 of the rotations of The Daily 5.  The students have a passion for reading and are working very hard to build up their stamina for writing.  

The students got their book boxes this week.  We talked about "Good Fit Books."  They have 5 to 8 books in their box that they can read throughout the morning.  They get the opportunity to shop for new books every morning.  Ask your child why it is important to pick "Good Fit Books."

This year students have p.e. for 20 minutes every day.  We are also adding brain breaks throughout the day.  The students enjoy these breaks and it gives them a chance to get up and move a little bit.  The students are doing one that is called "Get in Order."  

In science this week the students have been learning about magnets.  We did an experiment on the North and South ends of a magnet.  The students found that opposite ends attract and same ends repel.  They were also given the opportunity to use magnets around the classroom to see what items attract and repel.  

We ended the week with a PBIS assembly.  The students watched videos that the teachers created to show them the expectations for the classroom, hallway, restroom, playground, cafeteria and sporting events.  Please check out the links to the right of the blog.  Our first spelling test will be Monday, August 27th.  The words are listed on the spelling link.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me with questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend!   

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