Sunday, December 10, 2017

The first graders made cards for the Deerfield Retirement Community.  Each grade level had a specific place to send cards to.  

Conclusions will be our reading target this week.  Please try and fit this into your conversations at home after your child gets done reading.  

The students were learning about contractions this week.  They did a great job spotting them everywhere, including t-shirts!

It was a busy week in math.  The first graders used geo boards to create different shapes.  

They also worked on collecting data and transferring the data into a bar graph.  The first graders were asked if they could pick a super power, what would they pick.  Their choices were flying, extra strong or to be invisible.  Ask your child what they picked and which super power won.    

The students explored with the base 10 blocks.  Please ask your child how much a cube, long, and flat are worth.  

  • Spelling will be on Friday.  The pink list will be sent home on Monday.  This list does not need to be returned to school.
  • There will be math homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  • The first graders will be celebrating Polar Express Day on Thursday, December 21st.  They will get to wear their pajamas and do a lot of fun activities.  If you signed up to bring in an item for that day, you can send it with your child this week.  Thanks!
  • The Winter party will be Friday, December 22nd from 11:10-12:10.
  • Our class will be having a book exchange on the 22nd.  Please send a wrapped book with your child by the 20th.  

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Santa's new suits are looking great!  

The first graders are learning about measurement in math.  

The students measured a variety of items around the classroom.  

They have also been putting objects in order from shortest to longest.  

Last week, the first graders investigated the intriguing question of why stars only appear at night, but not during the day. Students modeled the stars using their own constellation projectors and tested what happened to the stars as the Sun rose and set.

The kids did a lot of work on Sequence of Events in reading and writing last week.  They shared what happened first, next, and last in stories.  

The students will be learning about Cause and Effect in reading.
  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • There will be math homework on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • The December snack calendar was sent home with your child on Friday.
  • The Polar Express Day will be Thursday, December 21st.  There will be a note sent home with more details about that day.
  • The Winter party will be Friday, December 22nd from 11:10-12:10.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mrs. Lamoureux came into our classroom on Tuesday to teach us how to collaborate.  

The teams had specific materials they had to use to display the little pumpkins.  

The 1st graders will be given other opportunities to collaborate with each other.  

Please ask your child how the activity went.

The first graders will be having a popcorn feast on Monday.  They will be eating and reading with the other two first grade classrooms.  Please have your child bring in a sandwich baggie of popcorn to eat.  

  • There will not be any spelling words this week.
  • Thank you for all of the interest in the SpeedStacks sets & mats. At this time Mr. Jones is out of the mini sets and will not be getting more. You can always purchase them at if you wish.  He does have many standard sets left ($20), mats/timers ($20), and 2 pro sets ($25).
  • The food drive was a success!  The goal was to collect 1000 pounds of food and we ended up collecting over 1700 pounds.  The 3rd graders were the overall winners.  The first grade collected 291 pounds.  Thank you so much for participating!
  • Books make great Christmas gifts.  Click on the link to order. . Our class code is GT9RT.  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The first graders learned how to be safe on the bus, a bike and with weather.  A big THANKS to Mr. Porter, Sean, and Jeriann for coming into talk to the first graders Monday afternoon.  They learned a lot!

The Waukee Fire Department talked to the first graders about fire safety.  

The 1st graders were able to see inside a fire truck and an ambulance.  

The police officers talked to the students about their job and gave them a tour of the police station.  

The students were able to walk through a police car.  

In reading this week, the students will be learning about author's purpose.  Please check out the information above.  
  • Spelling test will be on Friday.  
  • The 1st graders will be having the unit 3 math test on Friday.  
  • The first graders have started writing their safety books.  Please ask your child which safety topic they picked. 
  • The food drive is going well.  These are the food items that you can bring in for this week.  MONDAY:  Meaty Monday (canned tuna, chicken, fish, spam, or peanut butter, or SOUPS) TUESDAY: Toiletry Tuesday (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, diapers, toilet paper) WEDNESDAY: Veggie Wednesday (canned veggies) . A big thank you to those that have donated items.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Last week the first graders learned about the sun’s daily “path” across the sky, including how the sun rises on the eastern side of the sky, and sets on the western side.

The students have been working on adding numbers in math.  There will be math homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  

Mrs. Lamoureaux taught us about counting collections on Friday.  The students will be doing this activity weekly in math.  

The first graders counted a variety of items by tens.

They had to explain their thinking on the recording sheet.  Their drawing had to match the collection.  

  • There will not be any spelling words this week or vocabulary words.
  • The first graders will be going to the Waukee Fire Station and Police Department on Monday, November 6th.  We will be leaving at 1:00 and returning around 3:00.
  • We are going to start our Safety PBL on Monday.  The 1st graders will be learning about weather, bus, bike, fire and stranger safety.  They will pick one of the safety topics and write their own informative book.  

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A big THANK YOU to the parents that volunteered for the Halloween party on Friday.  The first graders had a great time!

We are learning about shadows in science.  The first graders went outside to trace their shadows on Thursday in the morning and the afternoon.  Please ask your child what was different about their shadows.  

Mrs. Lamoureaux came into our classroom on Thursday morning to teach us about the app, Chatterpix.  The students listened to a story about bats and shared facts using the app.  Please ask your child about Chatterpix.

The 1st graders will be learning about story structure next week in reading.  In the evening after your child is done reading, please ask them about the characters, setting, and plot.

  • Spelling test will be on Friday.
  • On Monday, November 6th the first graders will be going to the Waukee Fire/Police Station at 1:30.  We will be gone from 1:00-3:00 on that day.  If you'd like to go, please let me know.  I will take the first 2 volunteers that respond.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The first graders are going to be learning about text and graphic features next week in reading.

Mrs. Lamoureaux came into the classroom on Friday to finish a lesson on giving and receiving feedback.  The first graders partnered up and gave each other specific feedback on how to make their bird drawings better.  

Our reading topic last week was music.  In one of our texts, they showed the kids how to make their own drum.  The first graders wanted me to share this so they could have the directions to make one at home.  

The students spotted some shadows outside during recess.  

These two were shadow experts on the playground.  

In science, the students used flashlights and their gnomes to make shadows in the classroom.  

  • The spelling test will be on Friday.
  • Picture retakes are Wednesday, October 25th.
  • The first graders will be reviewing for the math test on Monday and will take the unit 2 test on Tuesday.  There will be math homework on Wednesday.  
  • The Halloween party is Friday, October 27th from 11:15-12:15.  Your child can bring their costumes and change into them for the party.  
  • Here is the Scholastic book order link. Our classroom code is GT9RT.